MERLIN Biotech will use its Bio-Safe mRNA payload delivered in established lipid nanoparticles (LNPs). For hepatitis B, liver cancer and other solid tumors, MERLIN Biotech's innovative cancer targeting and HBV targeting mRNAs are novel. For Lyme disease, MERLIN has a proprietary strategy to induce likely higher and more durable immunity against the established tick outer surface protein A (OspA) target.  

In addition, the optimization of the Bio-Safe mRNA and LNP delivery system platform enables MERLIN Biotech to administer other biologically active proteins with demonstrated or potential effect. MERLIN Biotech has already identified several candidate protein and sequences to enhance existing strategies or further expand its pipeline.

MERLIN Biotech's competitive advantage is the combination of the established mRNA platform technology coupled with our extraordinary scientific and management teams focused on diseases and indications where MERLIN Biotech has world-class expertise. Our technology takes advantage of the latest innovations in mRNA delivery and mRNA-directed protein production. These mRNA-based strategies are distinct from prior approaches to treat chronic hepatitis B and cancer because mRNA allows us to produce key proteins at therapeutic levels that produce the required immune response.